• Five ways to use Honey Bros Honeycomb

    One question we get asked often is what the best way is to use honeycomb. Whether you use it to accompany savoury or sweet dishes, there are a whol...
  • Banana Honey and Coconut loaf

    Honey is such a diverse, delicious sweetener that can be used in so many different dishes, cuisines and all sorts of baking. We personally love our honey on toast, in smoothies and in mouth watering banana breads like this Banana Honey and Coconut loaf by Samantha Charlton Nutrition ~ try it for yourself an let us know what you think 
  • How Honey Bros Came to Bee

    “How did you get into beekeeping?”

    “How did Honey Bros begin?”

    These are without a doubt the two most common questions I have been asked in recent memory. So without further ado, here is the somewhat fascinating tale of how I found beekeeping and how Honey Bros came to bee........