Five ways to use Honey Bros Honeycomb

One question we get asked often is what the best way is to use honeycomb. Whether you use it to accompany savoury or sweet dishes, there are a whole host of delicious ways that you can use it in the kitchen.

Often people are surprised by the texture. Since it is made up of edible wax it has a unique chewy texture, with a little bit of crunch from bits of crystallised honey, coupled with oozing liquid honey with each mouthful – heaven.

So now that we have sold you on the product, here are five ways that you can use Honey Bros Honeycomb.


  1. Elevate your cheese platter.

Probably the most well-known use for honeycomb is to accompany cheese on a platter. Honeycomb can take even the most mundane cheeses to the next level; however, it pairs deliciously well with brie, blue and goats cheese as it cuts through the saltiness to create a whole new flavour sensation. Serve it in a small bowl alongside the cheese or simply pop a generous chunk on top of your wheel of brie and you have yourself a seriously upgraded platter.

  1. Stir through porridge

Use it as you would liquid honey to bring a bit more excitement to your breakfast. Letting it melt and run through porridges elevates the flavour while adding a bit of texture.

  1. Spread on toast

 Adding to warm, freshly toasted bread is one of my favourite ways to consume it. An excellent combination is ricotta on toast, drizzled with honeycomb and topped with a few sprigs of thyme. You won’t regret it.

  1. Add to your favourite warming tea

 Add a bit of sweetness to your tea. Whether you are brewing your own fresh lemon and ginger tea or just want a bit more sweetness in your standard English breakfast, reap the immune boosting benefits of honey in your tea, especially during these colder winter months.

  1. On top of salads

Probably one of the less widely known uses of Honeycomb, elevate your rocket salad by finishing it off with a handful of chopped honeycomb. The sweetness will cut through the bitterness of the rocket leaves, and paired with pear,  blue cheese and walnuts, you have yourself a pretty stellar salad.