How Honey Bros Came to Bee

“How did you get into beekeeping?”

“How did Honey Bros begin?”

These are without a doubt the two most common questions I have been asked in recent memory. So without further ado, here is the somewhat fascinating tale of how I found beekeeping and how Honey Bros came to bee........

I’ve always been an outdoorsy fella. My Grandfather was a cattle dealer and my fathers a harness horse trainer by trade. So naturally makes sense I have an outdoorsy job, right? Younger Hugh had different ideas. After working on the farm for my grandfather most of my professional life (which I loved), he passed away. I was now a rudderless ship, who for the first time was thinking about his future and what it behold. Lucky for me I watched a movie called ‘Wall street’ and thought it’s simple, I’ll go to university get a finance degree and make bank bro!

Fast forward 4 years, I’ve completed the finance degree and was excited to start my new job in property development. I shouldn’t of been.... I hated it, office life wasn’t for me. The work wasn’t fulfilling, my office resembled a prison, and sitting in front of a computer for the best part of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week was making me miserable. Another pen pusher stuck in a job he hates, crunching digits and smacking 8 coffees a day to stay awake. 

6 months after I started my new pen pushing gig, I was at the Mrs Grandparents place and saw some beehives on their section. My first thoughts were “shit, they look cool.” 2 weeks later, I bought 2 hives. I was hooked straight away, and became obsessed with beekeeping. Spent most of my spare time reading about beekeeping and learning the trade (and a little office time)

It’s now October 2016, I’m 28 years of age and I’m almost 2 years into my office job.... more miserable then ever. It was around this time, I got given a small task that would change my life. A mowing invoice. My job was to call the lawnmower guy and see if he’d completed his job, check the job, stamp the invoice for approval send it down to deadman’s alley (accounts department). Sounds simple enough right? The problem was, I was all out of fucks to give... a couple of weeks went by and I still hadn’t done it. My manager at the time (who was a good dude) chased up the job and I replied with something like “look man, I couldn’t care less about this mowing invoice... I just don’t care.” Soon after I gave my months notice and that was all she wrote. 

I now had one small issue, what was I going to do? I thought long and hard about my opportunities and skill set... I thought what do I enjoy doing? Beekeeping. Do I dare to dream... 

As luck would have it, the little brother was finishing up at university and looking to start a business too. Furthermore, The old man had been reading about bees & honey and saw an opportunity. Our fates were sealed and Honey Bros begun.....